Today I met the guy who was involved a lot in Fight Club … he knows David Fincher

So naturally I was freaking out

I said "So you know David Fincher??"

and this guy goes “David! Oh yeah. David’s great he’s disciplined, very kind, very funny, a great man”.

So I’m dying at this point because I’m shaking the hand of a guy who KNOWS my favorite director and talks to him “all the time” he says.

And then the guy keeps going and says it was great to work with Brad Pitt and Edward Norton (one of my favorite actors) and he said that towards the end of the shoot, when Brad Pitt has the gun pointed in Edward’s mouth, Brad asked David what he wanted him to do and David said "THIS" and grabbed the gun and stuck it in Edward’s mouth really fast.

Last thing, he said that during that scene, Brad was all improvising and ready to go and amped-up, and Edward was like “wait so what exactly do you want me to do again?” after every line 

#Actors Who Are Actually Their Characters 

So yeah, all in all, it was a great experience. Also we screened Fight Club afterwards.


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